Our Mission

We are transforming creators into powerful businesses

Supporting small businesses has been our passion and in our DNA from the start. We believe that the next economic revolution will come to life through side hustlers on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. We want to become the technological foundation for this change and lead the way to a new generation of successful entrepreneurs.

The story untold…

  1. We started as a video shopping marketplace solving the distribution problem for small indie businesses using TikTok creators. We worked with hundreds of creators and 400+ brands producing 300+ videos with millions of views and massive engagement on TikTok.

    We were chasing a 3 sided juggernaut. Solving certain problems might not lead to a valid business. We solved a real problem for creators and brands, but the core business model was unprofitable and the buyer side was a mystery. The pivot…

  2. We learned from our personal experience and challenges that video creators manage their brand partnerships in an unorganized way through fragmented tools like email, dropbox, excels and more. We saw that all the creators were really comfortable and loving the app we built for managing the video workflows for the marketplace. We decided to open this up as a SaaS product for creators and Playback was born.

Meet the Founders

Amita Goyal

Hi, I’m Amita, the cofounder and CEO of Playback. I’m inspired by creators who share their creative talent with the world and spend their time doing what they love - it took me a long time to take that leap of faith in myself 😊

I have spent the last 15 years working in big banks like UBS and Merrill Lynch in NYC, helping big companies solve complex problems at BCG, and learning from early to late stage startups like WeWork. I received my MBA from INSEAD in Europe and Asia.

I’m a yogi, reader, art and nature lover, and fond of spending time with family and friends.

Kannan Reghu

Hi, I’m Kannan, the cofounder and CTO of Playback. I am extremely passionate about creator economy and have been immersed in this since 2018. I kick-started a video commerce marketplace concept in 2018, which eventually became Playback.

I have over 15 years of experience in startup industry and helped launch 4 startups in 3 countries in the past and out of which 2 become billion dollar unicorns(grover.com and circles.life). My passion is centered at the intersection of creativity and product.

I’m a father, singer and love travelling with my family during off times.

Our Values


We believe that creative outcomes
begin with the freedom of thought.


Supporting each other for
accelerated progress.


Be bold enough to navigate against
the waves.


Best results are possible only
through natural happiness at work

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