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Is this you?

Using a PDF rate card and
media kit

Managing your brand deals
over email and Excel

Trying not to scream
managing videos on Dropbox

Waiting for
60 days+ to get paid

Playback helps you manage your creator business
effortlessly – all in one app.

We’ve worked with 100s of creators on brand deals and partnerships – and we get it. Creating content is
fun, but the admin and back office stuff? Not so much.

Get that time back, so you can get back to doing
what you do best - creating content.

The ultimate swiss army knife for productivity

Show them you mean business.

Create your personalized storefront – with your media kit and a slick interactive rate card.

Track brand deals from start to finish.

Track brand deals from start to finish.

No more back and forth emails. Organize your brand requests by progress, with a super simple workflow.

Drop Dropbox. Pick up Playback.

Share content revisions in Playback’s integrated chat, so everyone’s on the same version.

Get paid on time. No invoicing

Get paid on time. No invoicing

Deliverables delivered? Get paid through Playback, without ever having to chase up with multiple invoices. Playback settles your clients and sends you one aggregated payout for the month.

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This is what we love. Empowering creators.

We believe that creators – people like you – are the next generation of economic growth. You deserve better tools. Not just ones that enable you, but ones that empower you. Your time is your most valuable asset, and you should be spending every day doing what you love.

After 2 years of working with 100s of creators, seeing just how much time gets lost to spreadsheets, emails, legal docs, and invoices, we made it our mission to give you that time back – so you can get back to doing what you love.

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Meet our Playbackers

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Lyric Marva

I am now handsoff! Playback made it so easy

Lambo Lacia

It was magical. Saved me lot of time.


I can now fully focus on creative work. Thank you.

Tito Dudley

Video sharing feature reduced all the back and forth.

Shannon Pippin

I love using the app


Playback helped me organise my work. True life saver.


Its like a true manager on the app.


I get paid regularly. No need to send brand invoices.

Sandra Gonzalez

Its really great experience

Bianca Salas

Messaging brands is easy now

Sabrina Velis

My deals are all well organised now

Come on in – your future’s waiting…

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